My name is Rashad White and I’m a photographer and videographer because I love creating with other creative minds. This is the best medium for me to release my creative thoughts and ideas. I want to work with models, musicians, and others in the arts. In the future, I want my work to be featured in museums, hanging on walls in people's homes, on the side of large buildings. I want the presence of my work to be undeniable. I move off instinct when I’m shooting as most of what I create is on the fly with a basic goal in mind and do what’s best with the location, theme, and model. The goals of my work change depending on what I influencing me at the time and it shows in what I’m shooting. I’m currently working on my project titled The Imperfect Body II. My goal is to create authentic, eye pleasing visuals  of women within their skin to go along with their own personal stories about being within the skin they are in. This project shows women in their most genuine form in black and white, against a black backdrop with one singular light illuminating their skin.